Monday, 27 September 2010

Catch up time

Well, I think it's about time I did a catch up posting.
Have been spending a lot of time on Facebook since this laptop decided to go on the fritz with me, now hopefully after 2 visits to the repairer it seems to be working fine again.......
Haven't done much to be worth writing on here about really, have made some lovely new friends on Facebook that live fairly local so I may have some crafty club news to post soon......
Will endeavour to take some pics of my now chaotic craft room, very soon......I promise...I do..
Hubby (Dean) is now invading my room trying to put together a chest of drawers for the bedroom, you know what men are like with MFI stuff, this could be quite funny (hehehehe).

Friday, 19 March 2010


Well finally I'm moving my craft stuff into my new room, it's wonderful so much space, I wonder how long it'll take me to make it look like my usual chaos!!
I can now sort all my rubber stamps out and find all my papers and card, it's such luxury.
Taken a long time and a lot of mess in the making but I'm so happy with it, when I can I will take some pics and post on here for you all to have a peek.......

Thanks for reading folks

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

And Again

Hi folks

Well it was pointed out to me the other evening that I haven't posted in a while, this is because I have been poorly with my leg/s again, I think I'd be better off if they chopped me off at the knees and made me bionic!!!
Anyway, the craft room is coming along nicely, we now have painted walls and carpet down, the electric isn't connected up yet or the rest of the plumbing but, we have the downstairs loo back hooray!!! Man have we missed that little room........
I've been stuck in bed for the last week so I haven't done anything much, even missed a few deadlines for groups (naughty girl aren't I, sorry Beck)
Okay, that's enough of my inane rambling so I'll say cheerio for now and will post again when I have something worth saying..........

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

My day........

Oh boy what a day I've had, still got a stinking head cold, but had to go down to Exmouth to take my Dad to the surgery for an INR test, silly ol' sausage only got the wrong day....again, he should have been there yesterday!!! What am I to do with him eh?
To those of you who know about my craft studio extension being built here, Kev (the builder) reckons I'll be able to move my stuff in in 2 weeks.......yippee (jumps around with glee, minding the back!) I'm so looking forward to this, finally I might be able to actually find some of the stuff I've had stashed away for the last 6-8 years...time will tell.
Oh well, I don't want to bore anyone reading this so I think it's time to go and make a cup of Earl Grey........

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Time to drag myself into the 21st century

Ok everyone, I have been persuaded to drag myself into the 21st century and start a blog, I have no idea what I'm doing so if this goes in the wrong place oh well!!